What will EXO do to their future girlfriend?


  1. Xiumin : Will be very responsible. Would take cute selca making blow fish face with the other half. Would always give bear hug to girlfriend.
  2. Luhan : Would wear the pants in the relationship. Would be very manly despite his cute appearance. Would treat her like a princess.
  3. Kris : Would stare all the time at girlfriend. Tease her all the time. Tries best to cook for other half but would fair. Will easily succumb to girlfriend’s aegyo. Use face masks together.
  4. Suho : Would be a very caring boyfriend. Would love to meet the parents. Will show husband material trails at the very early stages of relationship.
  5. Lay : Will do a sexy dance for said girl. Would be very sweet and gentlemanly toward her. Would be bring her back souvenirs from tours because he’s always thinking about her.
  6. Baekhyun :  Be very silly and loose around other half. Will have many inside jokes together. Will call her while he’s working just to check how she’s doing.
  7. Chanyeol : Will be very chill around girlfriend but will have those outburst of derp which he can’t control. Will always go out to dates with other half, will get her cute things that she likes.
  8. Chen : Would sing her to sleep. Would always hold her hand. Would always be thinking about the other half.
  9. D.O : Will cook her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Will tell her to just stay home and don’t work because he will be making all the money. Will baby her because he doesn’t want anything happening to her.
  10. Tao : Would defend girlfriend at ALL TIMES. Would be the first to yield in arguments because he doesn’t like fighting. Would be happy by just being around her.
  11. Kai : Do a VERY sexy dance for future girlfriend. Would be very gentle with girlfriend. Would cutely get jealouseasily because he loves her very much.
  12. Sehun : Will be very childish around girlfriend but step up as a man when he has to. Will ALWAYS do aegyo around her. Will love the reaction he gets from her because of his aegyo.

Credit : Twitter, EXO Fanbase


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