BOYS IN CITY 4 – Super Junior Member Messages


The performance in Paris is like a dream, no, it’s something that I can’t even dream about it … & it has become a reality. If it wasn’t for SJ and our precious members, I don’t think that I, performing at LZ (Paris) can receive so much love from the fans in Europe. This is something hard to believe, but never did I even dream that all these, could actually come true. 7 years ago, at every start of the day, we are just a simple boy band who could just disappear. The start of our debut was not very smooth … so, not knowing what to expect, and due to the criticism & hurt felt … We always work harder together & form a stronger bond with each other. All those hard work & harsh training did not come to waste … One by one, it helps us grow & become the Super Junior we are now. To the angels who always give us warmth, love & support, we call them ELF; they are friends who are always there! For them & with them, I will live my life and work hard for my dreams. Our people (fans) love you & love you again.



Happiness is… Being poor when I am young, that’s why? I did many special & delightful dreams. When I am young, even if it’s the rainy season with the pouring rain, there are times where I don’t have enough money to go school / having to just eat plain rice without any side-dishes. Suddenly while eating, something struck my mind “If I want to have as much good food as I want, I have to be successful.”

Fortunately, even when I am living in such conditions, there are some things which could make me feel happy, & that’s dancing. From young, I can move freely to the music & dance to my fullest, without anyone teaching me how. As dancing makes me feel happy, it also made me forgot about my hunger.

There is also another thing which brightens up my life, & that is a smile. Because if I smile, other people will smile too, & when I see that person smile, it makes me want to smile again. I feel really blessed and happy when everyone smiles like that.

So, I begin my journey to search for these 3 things: Success, Dance, and Smile.

As I met “SJ”, it marks an end to this long journey.

I feel that I am very happy now, because now … I am living a successful life, dancing and bringing happiness to people by smiling. I think that all these have become possible because, I met my company, my members of SJ & ELFs.

Working hard for my dreams, together with my precious members and people who care for me … Unknowingly, it has been 7 years already…

Love you Shindong. Love you SJ. LOVE YOU ELFs. You are precious people who bring me happiness.



Memory and memories …

I ask myself… the 1st time I stood on stage, the 1st time I hear the cheers & chants, the 1st time I touched someone’s heart, the 1st time I did a mistake while performing…

All the first times I had, using the feeling felt at that point of time, I ask myself … do I still remember?

2006 May 27, coming out again as the youngest member of Super Junior seems like it’s just yesterday.

I could still remember the vivid & clear memories of each & every single moment & every single time.

Having the memory and memories of being a member of Super Junior, having to take up new challenges & overcome them by working hard, making many memories with the members, they (SJ members) have become my brothers, the most precious & valuable gift.

From my first, to the memories I have till now, I want to keep it & I will cherish it forever.



The best group of this century! The best leader!

2 years, it’s not very long but not really short … To be frank, as I have not experienced this before; I am both scared & worried. I am worried about the things that could happen, the changes that may happen when I am not there… When I am back, what will Super Junior become of? Unchanged, maintaining?

I’ve promise everyone that after 2 years; I will come back being even better.

So with confidence, I would like to ask … My fans, you guys will wait for me right?



Still the same as always, my friends …

Since young I started singing, dancing & going overseas. I like to tour around with my family, so ~ there seems to be nowhere which I have not been to.

As I grow older each year, the things I once like have become my dream & my goal. & now, that goal has become a schedule which allows me to sing, dance & tour around.

What could be better than this? Is there another life which can be better than this?

Even though, having a World Tour Concert is really great & precious as we can meet & greet many different fans from all over the world, I think that the times like …

When we chit-chat backstage before the concert or when we talked about the things that happen in our daily lives in our hostel etc., all these bits & pieces, I think that they are even more valuable.

That’s right! We live for each other.

We, being there, is to give each other strength & support.

Although, we are all celebrities who receive lots of love from others, to me … we are all brothers and friends… So, I really like my members. In my eyes, they are this type of friend.



Love? Love!

Having spent 7 years with Super Junior … Including the times when we are still trainees, it’s about 10 years. All this time, day by day, spending my time with all the other members, it has always been vibrant. Together, we work hard, suffered, cried, laugh and sometimes quarrel … the love-hate relationship of ours …

In Super Junior, even if it’s only temporary, I would never want to leave … Yes, I who refuses to leave … My heart which I could not control, can only side towards them & love them so ……



The first things which I did in my life included all my lovely members, who are always there to help me… With them, I can do it & I won’t feel afraid. Even though there are many things we could not foresee, ELFs who always give us lots of love … Because of you guys, we are able to continue walking without feeling lonely. The time spent with the staffs, to me, is also a valuable memory.

It’s really hard to put into words… Our 7 years of happiness, sadness & hard work etc.



Waiting for a “3rd Life” … Have lived my life for 22 years by the name of Kim Jong Woon and Super Junior’s Yesung for 7 years.



A letter which I wrote in Paris …

What’s wrong with me today? In my heart, I feel that I am missing something …

In this warm afternoon, just like the song which always rings in my ear … suddenly without any reason, my heart misses something…


cr: @PaMongMi_SJForever

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