Wooyoung snaps cute photos with 2PM members


Wooyoung snapped a few adorable pouty photos with his fellow 2PM members.

He first tweeted a selca with himself and Chansung frowning at the camera, writing, “When are we going to be done… ㅠㅠ …“. He then posted another one with Jun.KJunho, and Nichkhun, writing again, “Our D’Artagnan…. hyung… Nichkhun… Hyung…. Junojuno Lee Junho… When are we gonna be done… ㅠㅠ“.

In the second photo, Wooyoung and Jun.K were pouting at the camera, and Junho was smiling. Fans also noticed that Nichkhun snuck in the photo from the side, poking his head into the frame. The boys look like they’re on set for a video or photo shoot. Whatever they were doing, it must have gone on for quite some time to cause Wooyoung to playfully pout at the camera.

Fans commented, “You guys are too cute“, “Where’s Taecyeon?“, and “Nichkhun is photobombing his own members“.


source : Wooyoung’s Twitter

credit : allkpop


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