[Lirik] EXO-K – Angel



(with individual parts)

[Baekhyun] Machi amugeotdo moreuneun airo geureoke
Dashi taeeonan sungan gachi
[Suho] Jamshi kkumilkkabwa han beon deo nun gamatda tteo boni
Yeokshi neomu ganjeolhaetdeon ne ape gidohadeut seo isseo

[D.O] yeah, dan han beonman ne yeopeseo
Bareul matchwo georeo bogopa han beon,
Ttak han beon manyo

[All] Neoui sesangeuro [D.O] yeah, yeorin barameul tago, yeah
[All] Ne gyeoteuro [Suho] eodieseo wannyago
[Baekhyun] Haemarkge mutneun nege bimirira malhaesseo
[All] Manyang idaero hamkke georeumyeon
[D.O] Eodideun cheongugilteni

[Baekhyun] Mikael boda neon naege nunbusin jonjae
Gamhi [Baekhyun/Suho] nuga neoreul geoyeokhae naega yongseoreul an hae
[D.O] Eden geu gose bareul deurin taechoui geu cheoreom maeil
[Suho] Neo hanaman hyanghamyeo maeumeuro mideumyeo

[Baekhyun] Aju jageun geoshirado neol himdeulge haji motage
Hangsang jikigo shipeo I’m eternally love

[All] Neoui suhojaro [Suho] jeo geosen barameul makgo
[All] Ne pyeoneuro [Baekhyun] modu da deungeul dollyeodo
[Suho] Hime gyeoun eoneu nal ne nunmureul dakka jul
[All] Geureon han saram doel su itdamyeon
[Baekhyun] Eodideun cheongugilteni

[D.O] Neol saranghage dwaebeorin nan ije deo isang
Doragal goshi eobseoyo nalgaereul geodwogasyeotjyo (oh no)
[Baekhyun] Yeongwonhan sarmeul irheotdaedo haengbokhan iyu
[Baekhyun/D.O] Naui yeongwon ijen geudaeinikka [Baekhyun/Suho] eternally love

[All] Neoui sesangeuro [Baekhyun] yeorin barameul tago, yeah
[All] Ne gyeoteuro [Suho] eodieseo wannyago, from you
[D.O] Haemarkge mutneun [Suho] oh [D.O] nege bimirira malhaesseo, oh
[All] Manyang idaero hamkke georeumyeon
[D.O] Eodideun cheongugilteni

English Translation:

This moment feels like I was born as a child who knew nothing
I closed my eyes again in case it would be a dream
You were standing in fron of my desperate self and praying
Just once, I want to walk side by side with you

Taken by the soft wind to your world
You asked me brightly where I came from to your side
And I told you that It was a secret
Wherever we walk together
Will be paradise

You are an eye-blinding entity compared to Michael
Who would remember you, I will not forgive it
Like the beginning when stepping into Eden
Believing you every day from the bottom of my heart

I alway want to protect you
So that even the small things won’t tire you out, I’m eternally in love

As your guardian, I will block the stiff wind
Even though people turn their backs to you
If I could become the person
Who can wipe your tears on a tiring day
It will be paradise

I, who has fallen in love with no other place to
Go back, my wings have been talen away (oh no)
Even though I lost my everlasting life, the reason to my happiness
You are my eternity Eternally Love

Translation Credits: Code:EXO
Romanizations by: kpoplyrics.net, Sofia


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