INFINITE’s L claimed that SM Entertainment artists are 60% looks and 40% talent? -From 130416

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mnet battle code shindong

INFINITE‘s L‘s online posts from the past when he was just a mere ‘netizen’ provided some laughter on the latest episode of ‘Beatles Code 2‘.

The members INFINITE were guests on the April 15th show and MC Shindong pulled out a panel where L had answered a question pertaining to debuting as a celebrity on an online community board. The post was dated back to 2008, when L was a normal ‘netizen’ on the internet.

The question was, “What should I do if I want to become a celebrity?“. L had responded in detail, but Shindong pointed out a specific phrase where L answered, “The labels focus on your looks to a certain extent. SM Entertainment considers looks at about 60% and talent at around 40%. The labels that concentrate more…

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