[VIDEO] Taeyang for the “Japanese Street Dance Association” New CM


source:JSDACHANNEL via bigbangupdates

Note: We are not sure exactly what this commercial is for, or if Taeyang will have something more to do with it…but it seems more will begin/be revealed on 13/05/01. Also the JSDA are the same group that had members of their group dance at Daesung’s concerts recently, so Big Bang has previous connections with them.

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[ME2DAY] Changjo asks fans to come to Teen Top’s upcoming concert (130426)


캬캬 오늘 길을걷다가 보셨나요!!두근두근 거리고 막 신나죠!!!!!!!!!그리고 콘서트 D-15 많이 많이 놀러와주세요!

Trans: Kyakya Have you watched today’s ‘Walk By’ perofrmance!! It was heart pounding and exciting right!!!!!!!!! Also D-15 until the concert, come join us!

Source: Teen Top’s me2day | Translated by: fyteensontop

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[NEWS] U-KISS’s Hoon, “First Kiss With Narsha is Nerve-wracking”


Idol group U-KISS’s member Hoon has recently joined the musical “When A Man Loves”, it will be his musical debut. We caught up with him to understand how he is transforming into a good and hard-working actor on stage.
We met Hoon on April 19 at the Universal Art Centre who stated with a bright smile, “It hasn’t been that long since I’ve joined the practicing sessions, so I have to work really hard” and “Hong KyungMin sunbae is giving me a lot of advice, so I can work hard to learn”.

As this musical will be Hoon’s first, even though he is unfamiliar with the workings, by practising he has solved his issues little by little. Although he still lacks experience and skill at this point in time, with a little more hard work he wishes to become a great musical actor.

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[NEWS] U-KISS’s Eli Reveals, “First Time KiSeop Buys Meal for Members in 6 Years”


Idol group U-KISS’s KiSeop’s stingy personality has been revealed.
On Y-STAR’s ‘ShikShin Road’, to be broadcasted on April 20, featuring Eli and KiSeop reveal a long-kept secret.

In this broadcast, it is revealed by Eli that KiSeop closely checks the prices of the menu at every time to see if he is overcharged. A special meal story with U-KISS was told, “That one time (he paid) for U-KISS’s meal wasn’t a joke. We could only eat it if it was cheap enough”.

Eli commented on KiSeop’s personality, “Out of all the members, KiSeop is the most stingy. During the past six years, he has only bought us a meal once”, “Until now he still carries the receipts with him”.

Even after that situation KiSeop hasn’t change, so since then KiSeop bears the nickname “ShikDae (Food Expense) KiSeop’.

Credits: Source + ROCKETBOXX.NET

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[NEWS] U-KISS to Embark on Japanese Tour in July


Once again showcasing their immense popularity in Japan, U-KISS has recently opened ticket sales for their Japanese ZEPP Tour, which they will be playing for more than 60,000 audience members. Although ticket sales only began three days ago, more than 30,000 seats have already been sold. Tickets are selling fast to not only Japanese fans, but also Korean and international fans.

U-KISS’s ZEPP tour will be held in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Hokkaido and Aichi. Over five billion won (approx. $5million USD) has been placed in production costs. With an endless amount of activities, upon completion of the ZEPP Tour U-KISS will also be getting ready for their Super Arena Tour.

U-KISS has recently released their third full-length album ‘COLLAGE’ in Korea, and are now preparing for their group’s first sub-unit debut. Members Eli and AJ will begin their sub-unit activities in May. The sub-unit will also have a special feature…

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