[Teaser MV] LUNAFLY – “Fly To Love” (+ individual teaser images)


Setelah merilis foto teaser individu, LUNAFLY kini telah meluncurkan teaser video musik untuk lagu mendatang, “Fly To Love”.

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[NEWS] Bang Yong Guk reveals music clip “Q”


B.A.P leader Bang Yong Guk posted a mysterious audio clip titled “Q” on his tumblr account!

It’s the second song he’s uploaded since his first “Sacramental Confession“.

The audio clip features Bang Yong Guk’s rap vocals and leisure acoustic instrumentals. It’s likely that the song is the idol’s own creation as he’s known to have written the rap lyrics in all of B.A.P’s songs. He also had a hand in composing songs on their debut album ‘Warrior‘.

Listen to the clip below!

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[Teaser #1] 2AM – “One Spring Day”



2AM akhirnya merilis teaser pertama untuk “One Spring Day.”

“One Spring Day” juga merupakan judul dari album kedua mereka mendatang yang akan dirilis pada 5 Maret, besok Big Hit Entertainment akan merilis medley of highlight moments dari 2AM, mengikuti teaser kedua yang akan dirilis pada senin mendatang.

Cek teaser video pertama di bawah ini :

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