(HQ SCAN) 121229 CeCi Magazine Thailand January 2013 Issue – Donghae | Part 2 [18P]

121229 CeCi Magazine Thailand January 2013 Issue – Donghae [TRANS]

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CeCi: The shooting theme for magazine is Thailand Travel. If you have a week’s break, how will you spend it?
DH: Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Leeteuk & I went to Italy together for holiday before. Leeteuk hyung & I are very much alike; we slept in the room alot while the other 3 went out alot. If in Thailand, I would find a beautiful & quiet place to rest.
CeCi: To continue sleeping in the room?
DH: Of course to continue sleeping. Haha…(laugh)

CeCi: What type of girl do you like?
DH: Last time, I would say a girl who has long hair & is fair. But now, I would say feeling; the right feeling with the girl is more important. Oh yes, I like girls with beautiful fingers.

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