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Ciuman Bawang Siwon Super Junior Paling Disukai Netizen



Adegan Siuman bawang Choi Siwon di serial “King of Dramas” rupanya cukup berkesan bagi para penonton. Menurut polling yang diadakan sebuah media Korea Selatan, adegan ciuman tersebut menjadi yang terfavorit diantara serial-serial lainnya. Adegan ciumannya bersama Oh Ji Eun ini bahkan mengalahkan ciuman triple Micky Yoochun JYJ dan  Yoon Eun Hye serta ciuman air mata Yoon Shi Yoon dan Park Shin Hye.

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Super Junior’s Siwon and Jung Ryeo Won say “Please watch The King Of Dramas tonight” – From 121210

Super Junior’s Siwon and Jung Ryeo Won, the lead actor and actress of the drama series The King Of Dramas, recently released a picture of themselves asking viewers to watch the premiere of the next episode of the series.

Playing the roles of top celebrity Hyun Min and writer Go Eun, Siwon and Jung released a picture of themselves in a friendly pose.

In the picture, Siwon and Jung are holding a sketchbook they autographed with the message, “Please watch the next episode of The King Of Dramas.

Jung once showed off her close relationship with Siwon by uploading a picture of herself with him on her Twitter account with the comment, “Hyun Min who values volunteer work more than money and Go Eun who becomes kind when she’s drunk.”

Siwon also uploaded a picture of himself with Jung with a hilarious look on her face on his Twitter account…

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Super Junior’s Yesung releases ‘Blind For Love’ OST for Siwon’s ‘The Lord of the Drama’ – From 121125


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121124 Yesung ‘Blind For Love’ OST for Siwon’s ‘The Lord of the Drama’ [Audio]

Last week we revealed that Super Junior‘s Yesung sang an OST for groupmate Siwon‘s ‘The Lord of the Drama‘.

Prior to the official release, “Blind for Love” aired for various scenes of the drama including the arguing scene featuring the two main characters Kim Myung Min and Jung Ryeo Won, setting a bright and comical stage.

Yesung has already sung various OST songs and is being labeled as the ‘New Emperor of OST’. His OST songs have become large hits among viewers, so he is expected to score another hit with “Blind for Love” as well.

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