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Boy Friend (보이프렌드) adalah boyband asal Korea selatan yang bernaung di bawah Starship Entertainment. Grup ini berisi enam orang anggota yaitu Kim Dong Hyun, Shin Hyun Seong, Lee Jeong Min, Jo Young Min, Jo Kwang Min dan No Min Woo.  Boyfriend  pertama kali debut di acara KBS Music Bank pada tanggal 27 Mei 2011, dengan single berjudul Boyfriend yang diciptakan oleh Brave Brothers.

Untuk masa pre-debut, Kwang Min dan Young Min sebelumnya sempat menjalani audisi untuk JYP Entertainment, di mana mereka di training selama dua tahun. 100 hari ketika mereka menjadi aktor anak-anak, Kwang Min dan Young Min telah muncul di lebih dari 300 iklan. Sementara itu, sang leader Dong Hyun ketika masih di SMA turut membintangi CONDUCT ZERO, sebuah variety show di mana enam siswa pemberontak di SMA tiba-tiba harus menjadi siswa panutan. Ia juga berada di salah satu grup jepang demi satu iklan.

No Min Woo adalah member pertama dari grup ini yang diungkap ke publik. Diberitakan pada tanggal 22 Maret 2011, Min Woo menjadi cameo di music video My Heart Beating, K-Will yang juga bernaung di management yang sama dengan Boyfriend. Dua hari kemudian foto dari si kembar Jo Young Min dan Jo Kwang Min diungkap oleh Starship Entertainment. Diungkap juga bahwa sebelumnya mereka berdua adalah back-up dancer dari K-Will di program That Changes the World, tepatnya pada bulan Januari 2011.

Sebelum debut mereka, Boyfriend terlibat program M! PICK, yang mana memperlihatkan apa saja yang mereka pelajari. Sementara itu video teaser pertama Boyfriend, Let’s Get It Started dirilis pada 20 Mei 2011. Sementara itu pada tanggal 27 Mei, Starship merilis music video dari single debut Boyfriend. Pada hari yang sama mereka melakukan debut di Music Bank.

*Members Profile*


Birth Name : Kim Dong Hyun  (동현)

Stage Name : Donghyun

Nickname : Korea’s Jay Chou

Position : Leader, Lead Vocalist

Birthdate : February 12, 1989

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 60 kg

Blood Type : A

Educational Background : MyeongJi University – Musical Science

Speciality : knows how to speak Korean, Japanese and English fluently

Facts :

★ The least eater in the group.

★ He has the most interest in fashion.

★ He shares room with Minwoo & Hyunseong.

★ Before doing something, Donghyun will think it first.

★ He is really forgetful.

★ The funniest member in the group.

★ He’s troublemaker and very curious person.

★ He likes doing gags.

★ His childhood dream is to be a pianist.

★ He give a lots of advices and scolds because he want Boyfriend’s members to do their best.

★ He had been a trainee at Starship Entertainment for around 6 years so he is the oldest and most trained.

★ He was featured in SISTAR’s PUSH PUSH MV

★ Was a backup dancer for K-Will.


Birth Name : Shim Hyun Seong (현성)

Stage Name : Hyunseong

Position : Main Vocalist

Birthdate : June 9, 1993

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 58 kg

Educational Background : Young Dong High School

Blood Type : B

Speciality : Japanese

Facts :

★ He shares room with Minwoo & Donghyun.

★ The most eater in the group.

★ Hyunseong is a man who is almost perfect.

★ He’s kind and shy, also has a good personality.

★ He has huge insights.

★ He loves reading books.

★ His childhood dream is to be a drummer.

★ He loves Hamburger and Donakatsu the most


Birth Name : Lee Jeong Min (정민)

Stage Name : Jeongmin

Nickname : Mirror Prince

Position : Lead Vocalist

Birthdate : January 2, 1994

Height : 173 cm

Weight : 60 kg

Educational Background : Seoul Music High School

Blood Type : B

Specialities : Piano, fluent in English

Facts :

★ He likes to chew bubblegum.

★ His role-model is G-Dragon.

★ He shares room with Youngmin & Kwangmin.

★ He is a look-a-like of Yoo Seung Ho.

★ He can be quiet at times, but he’s also funny, very serious and also mysterious.

★ He used to have a habit of biting his nails.

★ He’s always keep optimist in any poor situation.

★ He is the joker in the group.

★ He wants to be a romantic type of boyfriend


Birth Name : Jo Kwang Min 조광민

Stage Name : Kwangmin

Nickname : Prankster

Position : Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group

Birthdate : April 24, 1995 (Younger Twin)

Height : 180 cm

Blood Type : A

Educational Background : School of Performing Arts Seoul

Speciality : Acting

Facts :

★ Fails at winking.

★ He loves Pikachu.

★ He shares room with Youngmin & Jeongmin.

★ He’s very innocent and kind, he knows how to share things with others.

★ He’s too hyper.

★ When Kwangmin forgets dance moves, he asks Minwoo for help.

★ Kwangmin has a 4-Dimensional personality or have 4D-Attitude.

★ He was featured in SISTAR’s PUSH PUSH MV with Donghyun and his twin, Youngmin.

★ He also showed his excellent dance moves as a backup dancer for K-Will


Birth Name : Jo Young Min (조영민)

Stage Name : Youngmin

Nickname : Prince of Charisma

Position : Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group

Birthdate : April 24, 1995 (Older Twin)

Height : 180 cm

Blood Type : A

Educational Background : School of Performing Arts Seoul

Speciality : Acting

Facts :

★ He’s very emotional and the most sensitive member.

★ He shares room with Kwangmin & Jeongmin.

★ He is older than Kwangmin by 6 minutes.

★ He can’t talk properly when gets really nervous.

★ He does things very slow, so everyone has to wait for him all the time.

★ He once went missing during practice time. They searched for him for almost an hour. Eventually, they found him asleep on the toilet seat due to over crying.

★ He washes his hand whenever he’s stressed.

★ He wants to be the type of boyfriend that is serious when the situation is serious and be funny when joking.

★ He and his brother have experience in acting and performing.  He is a student on the show “All My Love” with Kwangmin.

★ Youngmin and Kwangmin appeared on an episode of “Truth Game” as children.


Birth Name : No Min Woo  (노민우)

Stage Name : Minwoo

Nickname : King of Sweating, Human Pollution

Position : Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae

Birthdate : July 31, 1995

Height : 174 cm

Blood Type : A

Educational Background : School of Performing Arts Seoul

Specialities : Acting, Hapikdo, Swimming, Fluent in English

Facts :

★ Fanboy of SNSD’s Jessica.

★ He has acting experience before.

★ He likes Hyunseong more than the other members.

★ He was known as the “King of Sweating” because he sweats the most.

★ He can easily have bad mood.

★ He shares with Donghyun and Hyunseong.

★  He wanted to have a cool image, but ended up with a cute image.

★ He likes Mickey Mouse.

credit : sumandu, boyfriendboyband


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